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Attorney For Injuries Caused By Defective Construction Equipment

When handling a construction accident case that involves work equipment, it’s always important to consider whether the equipment was defective. More often than you might think, faulty tools and equipment play a part in work accidents that result in serious injuries.

At The Sapp Law Firm, L.L.C., we have 20 plus years of experience addressing these and other matters related to personal injury and work-related accidents. We know when to bring in experts to help determine exactly what went wrong with the construction equipment and to help us determine whether it was defective. If you were injured due to defective construction equipment, we will gather all the relevant facts to build a case against the manufacturer or another party responsible for your injury.

For a free consultation, call us in Jasper at 205-282-4467 or complete our online contact form. We represent injured construction workers throughout Walker, Jefferson and Tuscaloosa counties.

What Type Of Construction Equipment Caused Your Injury?

At our law firm, you will find an experienced and dedicated attorney who is prepared to handle product liability cases involving a variety of types of construction equipment defects, including:

  • Crane defects
  • Scaffolding defects
  • Forklift defects
  • Ladder defects
  • Fall prevention and safety equipment defects

We understand that every type of construction involves unique equipment with unique dangers. We represent clients who were injured on construction sites of all types, including:

  • Mine construction
  • Hospital construction
  • Shopping mall construction
  • Residential construction
  • Road construction
  • Bridge construction.

We Have The Investigative Resources To Help You

Before we can file a claim against a construction equipment manufacturer, we must understand exactly what went wrong. We must rule out the possibility that the equipment was being misused, or that there was an error in the assembly of the equipment, which is sometimes the case in crane accidents. Even if our investigation reveals that the manufacturer did nothing wrong, or was only partially responsible, we may find other avenues of pursuing compensation for you. In any case, our goal is to maximize your financial compensation while you focus on healing.

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