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Alabama man wins case against trucking company

From a negligent truck company to truck driver fatigue, there are all sorts of reasons why truck accidents continue to take place. Sadly, in Jasper, Alabama, and throughout the United States, people may lose their life or suffer from a permanent disability after a semi truck crash. Furthermore, there are other types of pain and suffering caused by a truck accident that aren't always given as much attention, such as lost wages and medical bills.

2 drivers in critical condition after Opelika truck accident

Trucking accidents are all too common on the roads and highways throughout Jasper, and other U.S. cities and towns. The impact caused by a collision between two large semi trucks not only can cause significant damage to the trucks involved, debris and the aftermath of the impact can also affect other vehicles. As a result, people who are involved in such accidents often suffer serious injuries.

Tuscaloosa County trucking accident leaves two drivers injured

Each day, numerous commercial vehicles travel the streets and highways of Alabama, hauling their loads. With so many large commercial vehicles spending so much time on the roads, it is not uncommon for trucking accidents to occur. These types of collisions can be caused by any number of factors, including truck driver fatigue, poor road conditions, weather and vehicle disrepair. Regardless of the cause, accidents involving tractor-trailers can have a range of consequences, including serious injuries and, in some cases, death.

Motorcyclist killed in semi truck accident

Vehicles of all shapes and sizes share the roads in Jasper and other cities throughout the US. While this allows drivers to choose a vehicle that fits their needs and preferences and companies to transport their parts and goods, it also creates potential danger in the event of an accident. Due to the sheer difference in size, collisions between large commercial vehicles and smaller automobiles can have life changing, or ending, results.

Trucking accident claims the lives of two girls

Alabama truck accidents can be extremely serious, especially with the large size and weight of the vehicles involved. In 2013, new laws were enacted by the federal government to help reduce truck driver fatigue and thereby reduce truck accidents and injuries resulting from a truck accident, including death. When a truck accident occurs, whether due to a fatigued driver or some other reason, the potential of a serious head injury, permanent disability or more is very real.

Log from log truck impales vehicle, injuring UAH student

The impact of any motor vehicle accident can be extremely severe. When a large commercial vehicle accident occurs, the potential for grave danger can increase. Alabama roads see a large number of semi-trucks, logging trucks and other such vehicles. Great care is required on the part of these drivers and the people who load them in order to ensure the highest level of safety for all. Liability for a truck accident can rest with the trucking company, truck owner or individual truck driver.

Large truck fatalities on the rise

Alabama residents like others around the country are aware of the dangers of truck accidents. New regulations passed earlier this year by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association are designed to help reduce truck driver fatigue and, as a result, curb the rate of such accidents. A truck accident can result in serious injuries or fatalities very easily due to the size of the vehicles, especially when travelling on highways at high speeds.

Four tractor-trailers collide on Alabama freeway

Any automobile accident can be severe but the involvement of large commercial vehicles has the potential for even more damage to be done. A tractor trailer accident, even without serious injuries, can leave roadways blocked and a trail of debris to be collected. Alabama roadways see a wide variety of such accidents all too often.

Reckless driving causes fatal truck accident at Alabama landfill

Accidents involving large commercial vehicles are often the most horrific and catastrophic. The drivers and passengers of other vehicles have very little protection against the force and velocity that a semi-truck carries. If a pedestrian or bystander is involved, it is almost certain that the semi-truck accident will be fatal.

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