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The truth about motorcycle safety

Whether you already own a motorcycle or are just thinking about getting one, you've probably heard quite a few myths about them, ranging from one extreme (they're just like fast bicycles!) to the other (they're exceptionally dangerous!). The truth, as is usually the case, is somewhere in between, and with proper safety and caution, riding a motorcycle can be an enjoyable activity and method of transportation.

Beware of distracted drivers!

When you obtained your first valid driver's license, you were likely especially cautious behind the wheel. New and inexperienced drivers are typically very alert and attentive to their surroundings as they traverse Alabama roadways. As time goes on, however, most motorists tend to relax their standards, which can lead to serious driving problems and an increased risk of injury. Distracted driving is highly problematic in Alabama and nationwide, and all drivers (novice or experienced) should be aware of such dangers in order to keep themselves and all who share the roads safe.

Did a distracted driver cause your car accident?

Distracted driving is a major problem on Alabama roads, and statistics indicate that this problem is as serious as drunk driving. Even one moment of distraction can have detrimental consequences, and victims of distracted driving may feel that it is impossible to hold these drivers accountable for their actions.

Driver Distraction an Ongoing Safety Concern on Alabama Roads

Thousands of Americans are killed and hundreds of thousands more are injured each year because of driver distraction, and as mobile devices such as smartphones increasingly play a role in our daily lives, ongoing education about the dangers of distracted driving is crucial.

How common are fatal drunk driving accidents?

Even with awareness campaigns, far too many intoxicated drivers get behind the wheel. Sadly, they may cause an auto accident that results in personal injury or loss of life. In Jasper, Walker and across Alabama, a car accident victim who has had their life turned upside down due to a negligent driver should take action right away to ensure that their needs are met. Whether they are struggling with physical, emotional or even financial hardships (lost wages, medical expenses, etc.), it is crucial for people who are dealing with this to stand up for their rights. If you or one of your loved ones have been involved in a drunk driving accident or you are simply wondering how many drunk drivers are on the roads, it's helpful to realize just how many fatal drunk driving crashes occur in the U.S.

Resident's asphyxiation, death attributed to nursing home neglect

Many families in Jasper, and elsewhere, count on the round-the-clock, skilled care that most assisted living facilities offer to provide the level of care that their elderly or disabled loved ones require. There are some cases, however, when the facility and care providers entrusted with furnishing that care do not fulfill their responsibilities. Since many residents may not be able to speak up for, or help, themselves, nursing home neglect can easily result in personal injury, worsened medical condition and even death.

Families of deceased patients sue nursing home for neglect

With this week being National Nursing Home Week, many throughout Alabama, and the rest of the U.S., are celebrating nursing care facilities, their employees and their residents. While it is important to recognize the excellent care and support that most nursing homes provide, it is also important to raise awareness about the problem of nursing home neglect. Unfortunately, there are situations when those who are charged with caring for an incapacitated or elderly person may not provide a reasonable standard of care. In these cases, it can result in personal injury, permanent disability or death.

Employees arrested for death of elderly nursing home patient

With an aging population, the need to protect and care for our elderly citizens is paramount. In Alabama and throughout the country, however, too many reports of nursing home abuse or neglect are frequently heard. These can range from a fall that should have been prevented, untreated bedsores, failure to provide a reasonable standard of care and more. Personal injury and even death can result, leaving victims and family members in anguish.

MADD pushing for DUI law passage

In Alabama and other states, far too many people lose their lives at the hands of drunk drivers every year. While there may be many causes for a single motor vehicle accident, a drunk driving accident can be one of the hardest to bear as it is more preventable that some others. Slippery road conditions, for example, may not always be able to be avoided. Any car accident victim or family member of one who has suffered a personal injury that was caused by a drunk driver understands the unique pain of the situation.

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