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Driver Distraction an Ongoing Safety Concern on Alabama Roads

Thousands of Americans are killed and hundreds of thousands more are injured each year because of driver distraction, and as mobile devices such as smartphones increasingly play a role in our daily lives, ongoing education about the dangers of distracted driving is crucial.

Are Jasper Drivers Really Safer with Hands-Free Devices?

By now all drivers should be aware that distracted driving puts lives at risk, and texting while driving is generally understood to be the most dangerous form of driving distractedly.

Alabama man loses his life in motorcycle accident

Every year, far too many motorcyclists lose their lives and suffer serious injuries in accidents that should have been avoided. Whether they were hit by a speeding driver or someone who was not paying attention to the road, drivers in Jasper, Walker and throughout the state of Alabama need to be aware of motorcyclists and drive safely at all times. From broken bones to medical expenses and loss of life, the potential consequences of a motorcycle accident are very serious. Furthermore, it is crucial for those who have lost a loved one or suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident that was caused by an irresponsible driver to take action right away.

Reaching out to motorcycle accident victims

Every year, far too many people suffer from serious injuries and lose their lives in a motorcycle accident. In Jasper, Walker and throughout the state of Alabama, the details of these wrecks are different and each case is unique. However, regardless of whether a motorcyclist was hit by a distracted driver, a speeding driver or someone who was intoxicated, their life may never be the same. At the Sapp law firm, we understand how devastating these accidents are and the different types of hardships that a motorcyclist may have to endure after an accident.

How common are fatal drunk driving accidents?

Even with awareness campaigns, far too many intoxicated drivers get behind the wheel. Sadly, they may cause an auto accident that results in personal injury or loss of life. In Jasper, Walker and across Alabama, a car accident victim who has had their life turned upside down due to a negligent driver should take action right away to ensure that their needs are met. Whether they are struggling with physical, emotional or even financial hardships (lost wages, medical expenses, etc.), it is crucial for people who are dealing with this to stand up for their rights. If you or one of your loved ones have been involved in a drunk driving accident or you are simply wondering how many drunk drivers are on the roads, it's helpful to realize just how many fatal drunk driving crashes occur in the U.S.

Alabama car accident claims man's life

Even if they are fortunate enough to survive the crash, car accident victims may experience a number of hardships, such as catastrophic injuries, lost wages and costly medical expenses, to name a few. Sadly, these accidents continue to happen in Jasper, Walker and all over the state of Alabama. When someone is involved in a motor vehicle accident caused by a distracted or drunk driver, it is very important for them to ensure that the right steps are taken afterward and hold the negligent driver accountable.

Medicated driver caused fatal Huntsville motorcycle accident

Drivers in Jasper, as well as other cities throughout the U.S., who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including prescription pills, can be a danger not only to themselves, but also to the other motorists with whom they share the roads. Accidents involving this type of negligent driver can often have catastrophic results ranging from serious injury to death. This can be especially true when motorcyclists are involved because they do not have the same exterior protection that motorists in other passenger vehicles have.

High-speed chase leads to fatal car crash in Foley

Even the safest of drivers, and their passengers, can be greatly affected by the actions of other motorists on the roadways. Distracted and negligent drivers can easily cause motor vehicle accidents with unsuspecting, safe drivers by not paying attention to the motorists around them and disregarding street signs and traffic laws. When another driver's actions result in a car accident, the consequences can range in severity from little or no damage to the vehicles to serious injuries or death.

Fatal car crash subject of further investigation

Automobile accidents can be minor as in the classic fender-bender or they can be serious and even deadly. Either way, they typically happen in a flash and are never expected. The impact on Alabama drivers and their families when a serious motor vehicle accident occurs can be devastating. Whether at the hands of distracted driver, a negligent driver, unsafe road conditions or something else, the causes of a car accident are many.

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