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Helping injured workers move forward

From unsafe working conditions to repetitive stress, there are many reasons why people continue to be injured on the job. Unfortunately, a work accident victim may struggle with a wide variety of hardships that make daily life incredibly difficult. In addition to physical pain and disability caused by a neck injury, back injury or other ailment, people who are dealing with this may also struggle to pay their medical expenses and have financial difficulties due to lost wages, among other problems. At The Sapp Law Firm, we understand how devastating workplace injuries often are for people in Jasper, Walker and throughout the state of Alabama. As a result, we work hard to stand up for the rights of employees who are going through this.

Workers injured after equipment failure causes platform collapse

Workers in many fields in Jasper, and in other cities throughout the U.S., use different tools and equipment in the course of performing their jobs. Disrepair, defects, misuse and numerous other factors can result in tools or equipment malfunctioning, which can easily lead to a serious workplace accident. Often, workers may sustain serious injuries, or can even be killed, in these types of accidents.

Worker suffers crush injury while working in elevator shaft

In almost every line of work, there is the potential for employees to suffer a workplace injury. For some occupations, however, the risk can be significantly greater. In Jasper, and elsewhere, construction workers are among the most common employees to be injured on the job. These injuries can range in severity from very minor to fatal and can significantly impact an employee's future ability to work.

Worker�s feet broken after run over by delivery truck

Employers in Jasper and elsewhere have a responsibility to ensure a safe working environment for their employees. This includes making sure that equipment is in good working order. Not doing so can result in a workplace accident, which could have lasting effects on workers who suffer injury.

Farm worker receives settlement after on-the-job maiming

Workplace accidents can happen in any industry or type of business. Some industries, however, are more likely to experience accidents that result in injured employees or other situations. The construction, oil and gas as well as transportation industries are all known to have higher than average rates of people being injured on the job and associated claims. Employees in these situations can face lost wages, out-of-pocket medical expenses and more.

Helping injured workers with workers� compensation

An injury can be sustained in any line of work. An Alabama worker in some industries or job functions can have an inherently higher rate of being involved in a work-related injury than others. Construction, mining and transportation are among these industries. When an employee is injured on the job, one means by which he or she can receive help is through the system of workers’ compensation.

Man fired after filing workers' comp claim sues employer, wins

The purpose of workers’ compensation insurance is to provide restitution to employees who are injured on the job for their medical expenses and lost wages relating to that injury. In exchange for the compensation, the employee agrees not to sue the employer for work-related negligence. The employer, in turn, must guarantee employment in an equal position at the company upon return from medical leave. If either party breaches the workers’ compensation contract, however, a lawsuit may be filed in civil court.

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