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Recognizing neglect and abuse in Alabama nursing homes

Making the decision to put a loved one in a nursing home can be a difficult one for people in Jasper, and throughout Alabama. Unfortunately, abuse and neglect are relatively common occurrences in these types of facilities. The fear that your family member may suffer such mistreatment can further complicate this choice. At The Sapp Law Firm, L.L.C., we often consult with families who are unsure how to know whether a loved one is suffering abuse or neglect in a nursing home. In this post then, we will discuss some common signs of nursing home abuse and neglect.

Employees arrested for death of elderly nursing home patient

With an aging population, the need to protect and care for our elderly citizens is paramount. In Alabama and throughout the country, however, too many reports of nursing home abuse or neglect are frequently heard. These can range from a fall that should have been prevented, untreated bedsores, failure to provide a reasonable standard of care and more. Personal injury and even death can result, leaving victims and family members in anguish.

Alarming numbers reported in elder abuse

Citizens in Alabama and throughout the nation are increasingly aware of and concerned about the level of safety and appropriate care in nursing homes. Nursing home abuse has become an all-too common news topic with horror stories abounding, many of which result in serious personal injury of even death of residents.

Alabama reports of elder abuse on the rise

As our nation's population ages and the need for care for senior citizens increases along with it, so unfortunately has the instance of nursing home abuse or neglect. Physical, mental and emotional abuse is documented in assisted living and nursing homes around the nation, including in Alabama. The prevalence makes anyone nervous about trusting the care of their loved one to others.

Families urged to differentiate small problems from elder abuse

Nursing home care is a topic of concern to many Americans today. With our aging population, the need to provide not just adequate but positive and exceptional care for elderly residents and patients is high. Sadly, there are too many reported instances of nursing home abuse or neglect in our nation's nursing homes and assisted living centers. Such situations can leave family members extremely distraught.

Mental capacity no longer has to be proven in Alabama elder abuse

When most people think of elder abuse in Alabama, they associate it with substandard conditions in nursing homes. Many facilities operate on limited budgets making it difficult to dedicate as much time as they need to those trusted in their care. Bedsores and malnutrition are both indicators that that your loved one may be neglected. While nursing home neglect is a serious problem, it is not the only type of elder abuse that needs to be stopped. Employees at nursing homes as well as in-home caregivers often treat elders in an inhumane manner by physically or emotionally abusing them. Black eyes, bruises and broken bones explained as “repeated falls” are often signs of physical abuse.  Senior citizens are sometimes taken advantage of financially as well/

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