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What are best practices when hiring truckers?

Truck drivers have a huge responsibility in front of them. Not only are they tasked with carrying precious cargo to and from multiple locations, they must also ensure they're operating their vehicles safely when behind the wheel. That means trucking companies must be extremely careful when hiring truckers, or they risk a serious accident. The Balance explains what trucking companies must look for to ensure safe operation, while also being aware of common red flags. 

How can truckers prevent fatigued driving?

Trucker fatigue is a serious issue in Alabama and elsewhere around the U.S. In a rush to meet deadlines many truckers push themselves to the limit, despite rules and regulations mandating breaks and rest periods for working truckers. In this case, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration urges truckers to utilize the following advice to preserve their safety as well as those they share the road with.

What are the dangers of an unsecured truck load?

While large trucks may be dangerous due to their weight and their blind spots, there is another issue that you need to be aware of to stay safe when driving around them on Alabama roadways. This danger is unsecured loads. An unsecured or improperly secured load poses a huge hazard to everyone on the road. Should the load become loose, it could seriously injure anyone in the area. According to Business Fleet, even if a load does not damage vehicles around the truck, there is still a risk for the debris left on the roadway to cause an accident.

Understanding why truckers might be speeding

You can typically tell when a driver is speeding on Jasper's roads based on how fast you are traveling in your own vehicle. To witness a semi-truck speeding would certainly be quite alarming, and when one strikes your vehicle while doing so, you may justly wonder why. Yet oftentimes, truckers speed not because they do not care about the law, but rather because they feel pressure to complete their routes within a certain amount of time. Many have come to us here at The Sapp Law Firm after having been hit by truckers who made such claims wondering if it is possible to hold those pressuring trucker drivers to drive fast responsible. 

Drawing attention to truck driver fatigue

There are a number of reasons behind the prevalence of large truck collisions and many drivers recognize that drug use, distractions and speeding are very dangerous. However, fatigue is another serious problem in the trucking industry and a lot of large truck collisions have happened because a truck driver was too tired. There are a number of ways in which fatigue can interfere with a person's ability to drive a large truck (or any vehicle, for that matter). For example, they may fall asleep while behind the wheel, paying attention to signs or they could have difficulty reacting when there is danger on the road.

How to avoid becoming involved in a truck accident

As you travel along the roads of Alabama, it isn’t uncommon to drive alongside large tractor trailers and other trucks, in addition to cars and motorcycles. While all of these vehicles pose a certain degree of danger to you as you’re driving, tractor trailers are especially hazardous. The sheer size of these vehicles alone can cause extreme damage if they should become involved in a catastrophic accident. Large trucks need a greater distance to stop when driving at high speeds. Furthermore, the blind spots surrounding tractor trailers inhibit truck drivers’ ability to see other vehicles that are driving next to them or behind them. There are some key tips that you should keep in mind when sharing the road with large trucks.

Who is responsible when a truck's load falls?

The semi-trucks and big rigs that you see driving through Walker carry a good number of the products that allow you to enjoy daily living. In your home or on the store shelf, these singular items may pose no threat whatsoever. However, stacked alongside thousands of duplicate and companion items, these can become dangerous (even deadly) projectiles in the event of an accident. Sometimes, they may even be the cause of a truck accident themselves. The question then becomes who is responsible for the security of such a load: the trucker transporting it or the motor carrier contracted to deliver it? 

What is respondeat superior?

A collision with a semi-truck in Walker can leave you facing seemingly insurmountable expenses for both your care and recovery as well as the repair of your vehicle. These costs may make it necessary for you to seek compensation beyond auto insurance coverage limits. The question then becomes whether the truck driver that struck you is solely liable, or should the company that employs him or her be held responsible as well? 

What kind of training do truck drivers have?

Have you ever driven behind or next to a semi-truck in Alabama that is weaving, speeding or just following too close? It can be a scary experience because nobody wins against a truck that big, not even the truck driver. If the truck is hauling fuel or another hazardous material, the fear factor increases. It makes you wonder about the experience of the truck driver and whether you will be involved in or witness an accident. 

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