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Understanding hand signals for motorcyclists

All too often, it seems as though it is you versus the rest of the world when riding on your motorcycle in Jasper. As many of those that we here at The Sapp Law Firm, LLC have worked with can attest to, many motorists seem to struggle with the thought of having to share the road the with motorcyclists. Thus, when collisions with motorcyclists do occur, motorists often try to shift the blame to them, saying that they had no way of knowing what the motorcyclists' intentions were. 

Reviewing the Glasgow Coma Scale

The motorcyclist in your life might complain about having to wear a helmet whenever he or she goes for a ride in Jasper, yet the laws that mandate it were created with his or her well-being in mind. We here at The Sapp Law Firm, L.L.C., however, can attest to the fact that while motorcycle helmets can help prevent injury, they offer no guarantee that your loved one will be able to walk away from an accident unscathed. They may not even completely prevent him or her from suffering a head injury. 

Collision between SUV and motorcycle in Grand Bay kills teen

A common phrase that is often included in stories detailing motorcycle accidents in Walker is "authorities continue to investigate the cause of the crash." Some might question the need to expend resources looking into accidents when the results of such investigations will do little to change their outcomes. While assigning fault in a car accident does not change its results, it may offer answers and a degree of closure to those affected by it. It might also help provide those looking to overcomes the losses they sustain with the compensation needed to do so. 

Defensive driving for motorcyclists

Motorcyclists in Alabama should have their minds on the road at all times. Due to its size and lack of protection, a motorcycle puts its driver in a more vulnerable position than drivers of cars, SUVs and trucks. Unfortunately, the drivers of those larger vehicles are often distracted and do not devote the necessary care to their surroundings in order to ensure the safety of others. Therefore, it is often incumbent upon motorcyclists to drive defensively in an effort to protect themselves.

Motorcycle dangers due to other vehicles

If you or a loved one is among the many motorcycle enthusiasts in Alabama, you will want to make sure and understand the various risks faced when enjoying the open road on two wheels. While anyone on the road faces the potential of being in an accident, those on motorcycles are at a greater disadvantage than their counterparts in cars, trucks, SUVs or other vehicles.

Injuries that often result from motorcycle crashes

If you are among the many Alabama residents who enjoy traveling by motorcycle, you may choose to do so because it is fuel efficient and enjoyable. It is also highly dangerous to travel by bike, and this is due in large part to the fact that you have virtually no protection between yourself and the roadway, vehicles and other obstructions. At the Sapp Law Firm, we have a firm understanding of the types of injuries that often result following motorcycle crashes, and we have helped many clients seek recourse after involvement in such crashes.

The truth about motorcycle safety

Whether you already own a motorcycle or are just thinking about getting one, you've probably heard quite a few myths about them, ranging from one extreme (they're just like fast bicycles!) to the other (they're exceptionally dangerous!). The truth, as is usually the case, is somewhere in between, and with proper safety and caution, riding a motorcycle can be an enjoyable activity and method of transportation.

Summer holidays a danger for motorcyclists

Memorial Day is a notoriously dangerous time for motorcyclists across Alabama and the United States, and the recent holiday was only the first in a series of summer occasions that often lead to a spike in motorcycle fatalities.  Per CBS News, the number of lives lost on motorcycles in the U.S. doubled between 2009 and 2015, and there are several factors that may be contributing to this increase.

Alabama State Troopers reveal 2017 motorcycle crash stats

Alcohol and speed were factors in a recent Autauga County, Alabama, fatal motorcycle crash, again highlighting the importance of staying vigilant on the roadway during the spring and summer seasons now that motorcycles are increasingly taking to the streets. Per WSFA,  statistics compiled by the U.S. Department of Transportation indicate that motorcycle riders are 27 times more likely to die in accidents than motorists driving other types of vehicles, further driving home the importance of donning protective gear.

Preparing for a group ride: Motorcycle safety

You have the opportunity to participate in literally hundreds of motorcycle events, rallies and activities in Alabama and across the United States every year. Part of the attraction of these is to get together with your fellow riders and share your love of everything motorcycle related. However, riding in a group requires some extra safety precautions. We at The Sapp Law Firm, L.L.C., understand the importance of vigilance and defensive techniques every motorcyclist needs to prevent crashes.


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