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The risks involved with eating and drinking while driving

After you have been in a car accident in Jasper caused by the blatant negligence of another driver, your first thoughts may be what might have caused them to drive so recklessly. Could they have been intoxicated? Perhaps they were using their cell phones instead of paying attention to the road ahead. If neither of these scenarios appears to have been the case after an initial conversation with them, yet you can see food stains or spills on their clothing (or notice opened food containers or wrappers in their vehicle), then you may very well have become the victim of a form of distracted driving that many of those that visit us here at The Sapp Law Firm LLC find to be all too common. 

Auto accidents and immigration

Those who move to another country, for whatever purpose, may run into additional challenges along the way. Sometimes, these hardships can be very difficult, such as the unexpected loss of a job or being exposed to discrimination and racism in the workplace. Moreover, some people may find themselves in a car crash, which may be more likely for those who have immigrated to the U.S. for various reasons. Recovering from an accident can be especially difficult for those who are dealing with other hurdles in their daily lives.

What should I do after a car accident?

Regardless of the extent of the damage, being involved in a car accident is a scary, confusing experience. That's why you should know how to react before an accident takes place, which helps keep your wits about you when dealing with police and other drivers involved. U.S. News & World Report offers the following advice so you can navigate the aftermath of an accident with relative ease. 

How is driving ability affected by age?

It's no secret that bodies change as people grow older. Some of these changes can even affect a person's ability to drive, which leads to a higher risk of crashes and serious injuries. explains how the natural aging process impacts driving and what older motorists must do to ensure they aren't involved in a serious collision, which could potentially harm themselves as well as others. 

Car crash risks to watch out for in the summer

There are many reasons why the summer months can be dangerous, especially when it comes to motor vehicle collisions. With Fourth of July celebrations, road trips, family vacations, traffic congestion and heat waves, there are many different reasons why the likelihood of an accident can be especially high during this time of the year. Unfortunately, many lives will be lost due to traffic accidents this summer, and even more people will sustain serious injuries that disrupt their lives in an array of ways.

Revising your estate plan after an auto accident

Car crashes can bring a number of devastating consequences into victims’ lives, from high levels of stress and physical pain to mental trauma. However, the financial consequences that may arise in the wake of a collision can be especially tough for victims and their family members. Job loss, hospital bills and costs associated with physical therapy and counseling can be incredibly difficult, and there are other financial matters that may need to be examined following a crash. For example, some people may want to revise their estate plan for a number of reasons.

Bike racks and the risk of a crash

There are many hazards to watch out for on the road, such as reckless drivers who fail to stop when they are supposed to and those who operate a vehicle while they are intoxicated. Sometimes, less common risk factors can result in a crash, such as a driver who is trying to transport a bicycle (or some other object) on their bike racks. Sometimes, people may be careless or inexperienced, and they may not attach the bike to their vehicle properly, which can pose a serious risk to other vehicles that are on the road.

How can I ensure safety when road tripping with kids?

Going on a summer road trip with your family can be a great bonding experience. You want to ensure the proper safety measures are in place in this case, which will protect your family and make for a more comfortable experience overall. Parents Magazine explains what you can do to prepare for your big excursion this summer. 

Are women at higher risk for distracted driving?

Alabama drivers must be prepared for many types of distractions when driving, but many of those distractions come from within the vehicle and are not necessary. Distracted driving is a huge problem and things like eating, texting and caring for children can lead to a serious accident or even death. According to the Insurance Journal, those who text while driving are six times more likely to crash than those who opt for an audio phone call.

Study: Hands-free devices not as safe as some think

People who insist on using their cellphone while driving are at serious risk of becoming involved in a deadly car accident. More studies are being conducted into the risk of engaging in these dangerous activities and showing the importance of avoiding cellphone use while driving. One study in particular compared the distraction levels of hand-held cellphones compared to hands-free cellphones. While hands-free devices are marketed as being a safe alternative to using a hand-held cellphone, a study released by AAA shows that this may not always be the case.

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