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Learn about the hazards you will face as a coal miner

Coal mining is big business in the United States that became a major industry in many states during the nineteenth century. Today, it affects the lives of thousands of Alabama residents. However, underground mining claims the lives of many mineworkers nationwide each year, and if this is how you earn your living, you are likely aware of the hazards of your job.

Sleepy drivers are a significant health threat on Alabama roads

It is normal to drive while a little sleepy. Everyone has likely gotten behind the wheel of a car while tired, but there is a difference between driving while tired and driving while dangerously exhausted. Exhausted Alabama drivers are dangerous drivers, and research indicates that it is actually a significant health threat to every person on the road.

Don't let your work as miner lead to an early grave

If you are one of the many coal miners in the Jasper area of Alabama, you are likely the primary source of income for your family. The industry in which you work poses numerous life-threatening hazards, and only proper precautions could prevent financial instability due to injuries. Mining involves long shifts and many hours underground, often in remote locations.


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