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Crash bystanders have injury risks from flying accident debris

On Behalf of | May 23, 2022 | Car Accidents |

When you think about car accident injuries, you probably envision people in the involved vehicles getting hurt. While this, of course, is a top cause of crash-related injuries, it only involves the occupants of automobiles.

People standing or walking near the accident can also suffer from crash-related injuries. A little-known risk for pedestrians and even those relaxing on a nearby bus bench is getting hit by debris from a motor vehicle accident.

Bystander injuries are often severe

Sometimes, the debris strewn by a car accident is minimal or relegated to a small area. Other times, large objects can fly away from the crash site, endangering those nearby.

For instance, if the accident launches a tire into the air, it can cause severe blunt force trauma or even death if it strikes a person. In another example, sharp force trauma can occur if the accident sends shards of glass into the vicinity. If the vehicle crash ends in an explosion, bystanders may be pelted with bits of flaming debris, leading to burn injuries and other trauma.

Are you eligible for financial compensation?

You deserve restitution for your physical and emotional suffering. After all, you are as much a victim as those involved in the crash. Unfortunately, recovering financial damages as a bystander may pose a few challenges.

Insurance companies, for example, may be skeptical about your injuries and hesitate to pay a claim or offer you a lowball settlement. Before you do anything else, we encourage you to learn about Alabama injury and accident compensation laws. The knowledge you gain will help you identify your next steps in seeking restitution, especially if negligence is a factor.

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