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3 ways a worker can hurt their own workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

If someone needs workers’ compensation benefits, they may not currently be able to work at all or may require extensive medical care because they got hurt on the job. In general, employees can count on workers’ compensation to cover them for all of their necessary medical treatment if they get hurt at work.

They can also get medical benefits if they develop a medical condition because of their job responsibilities. If someone has to take a leave of absence or change professions, they may qualify for disability benefits.

Unfortunately, some workers make mistakes that affect their workers’ compensation claims. What are some of the most common mistakes employees make?

They don’t report their injury

Maybe you went to go see your primary care physician for diagnosis with carpal tunnel syndrome rather than asking your manager for help because it was obviously work-related.

You started treatment but then realized that you weren’t going to get better unless your employer changed some of your job responsibilities. Unfortunately, if you wait too long after an injury or diagnosis to report the situation to your employer, that could hinder your claim or even eliminate your right to file one.

They don’t follow their doctor’s recommendations

Workers’ compensation is typically a no-fault benefits system, which means that a worker can get benefits even if they are partially responsible for their injury. However, especially for workers that need lasting disability benefits, following medical recommendations is crucial to continued benefits eligibility. The insurance company may be able to use medical non-compliance as a defense against future claims by a worker.

They don’t appeal when they know a decision was unfair

Did your employer simply insist that your injury wasn’t related to work and refuse to cooperate with your claim? Has the insurance company given you the runaround since then and refused to communicate with you because of your employer’s allegations? That kind of situation occurs more often than people think, and unfortunately, many workers facing this kind of resistance just give up. You may need assistance in pursuing your claim or to file a formal appeal.

Learning more about workers’ compensation benefits can help you protect your right to make a claim and get benefits for work-related medical issues.

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