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What is a load shift, and how could it cause a truck crash?

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Truck drivers have a lot of potential issues they have to deal with on the road, from inclement weather to long hours to difficult working conditions. One thing that can impact their ability to drive safely is known as a load shift. 

This is when the load moves unexpectedly while the truck is in motion. There are cases where a load shift may send the cargo forward so that it slams into the vehicle’s cab. In other cases, a truck going around a turn may have the cargo shift to the side, causing the truck to roll when it is not balanced correctly. There are still other cases when a driver may accelerate, and the load will shift backward. 

The driver may not have loaded the truck themselves and may have just picked up the trailer. They trust that the job was done properly, but what if it wasn’t? 

This can cause serious accidents

Load shifts can cause serious accidents in mere seconds. A driver whose load moves significantly may not be able to get control of the vehicle back, even if they have made no driving mistakes and had full control before the shift. They may suddenly find themselves careening into other traffic lanes. They could strike other cars and cause serious injuries. 

Those who are injured in these accidents need to know how to seek financial compensation. In a case where the trucking company was at fault, and not the driver, that may mean trying to get that compensation from the trucking company. This can be complicated, so it’s important for all involved to know their legal rights.

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