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What types of benefits are available through Alabama workers’ compensation?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

When you get hurt on the job, you can count on the Alabama workers’ compensation insurance program to protect you. Your employer has to either carry an insurance policy or, if they are large enough, they can self-insure to cover a worker’s losses.

In either case, you have the right to request certain benefits after you get hurt on the job. What benefits are available to those injured at work or suffering from a work-acquired medical condition in Alabama?

Medical benefits

Perhaps the most well-known benefit available through workers’ compensation is medical coverage. Modern medical care is expensive, and most health insurance policies pass a lot of the expense on to the patient.

You may have to pay thousands of dollars before your insurance will pay for anything. Even after you meet your deductible, you may still have coat insurance that requires you to pay a flat percentage of the total treatment costs. There could also be a co-pay that requires you to pay a flat fee every time you receive treatment.

Workers’ compensation insurance will cover 100% of your necessary medical costs, making it a much more cost-effective solution for injured workers than their own health insurance.

Disability benefits

Work injuries and work-acquired illnesses often require that someone takes time off of the job to get better. Someone who needs time off of work for treatment or surgery might qualify for temporary total disability benefits to replace some of their unearned wages until they get back to work.

Someone who can go back to work but can’t do the same job could receive temporary partial disability benefits that cover not their lost wages but the difference in wages. Workers with permanent medical consequences may also qualify for partial or total disability benefits to cover some of their lost income.

Death benefits

Sometimes, a work injury has tragic consequences, leaving someone dead and their family struggling. Death benefits through workers’ compensation in Alabama can cover the cost for funeral and burial, up to $6,5000. Surviving dependent family members may also qualify to receive payments similar to what a worker would have received for disability pay had they survived.

Knowing the benefits available through workers’ compensation can help you determine if you have reason to make a claim.

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