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Motorcyclists face higher risks through no fault of their own

| Oct 1, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents |

If you’re a motorcyclist, you have to recognize the risks that you face. These do not always relate to you. Even if you are a terrific rider who is experienced and safe, you statistically just face risks that others do not encounter. You have to take on those risks when you ride. 

For instance, one report compared the odds of dying in a motorcycle accident to the odds of dying in a car accident, and it found that those on motorcycles were around 29 times more likely to pass away. That’s a massive difference. While there are far fewer motorcyclists and so far fewer motorcycle accidents in total, the exposure that a rider faces just means they are much more likely to be severely injured. 

Other drivers put you at risk 

Don’t think that this casts motorcyclists in a negative light. It’s not that they are dangerous or reckless. It’s just that they don’t have the same amount of protection that vehicle drivers have.

What this means is that the ramifications of mistakes made by other drivers are just a lot higher. A teen who is texting and turns in front of your bike will probably be fine when that bike hits the side of their pickup truck. You, riding that motorbike, could be catastrophically injured. You didn’t cause that crash, but you are at the mercy of other drivers in a unique way. 

What if you get injured?

If you do get seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, or if a loved one passes away, you need to know how to seek proper financial compensation from the driver who caused that accident. 


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