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Key facts about tailgating

| Oct 21, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents |

People across Alabama rely on using the roads for various reasons. Often, driving is the key method for workers to earn a living. Driving can also play an important role in family life, such as the use of cars to drop children off at school or visit loved ones. 

Unfortunately, accidents are still commonplace in Alabama. One of the most significant causes of accidents is tailgating. Tailgating is the practice of driving in such close proximity to the vehicle in front that it becomes dangerous. Collisions that result from tailgating are frequently referred to as rear-end collisions. 

How common are rear-end collisions? 

Research suggests that as many as one-third of accidents across the country are rear-end collisions, with tailgating playing a significant factor in causing them. This type of incident accounts for thousands of injuries and fatalities across the United States each year. 

What injuries can tailgating cause? 

Often, the severity of the injury will depend on the speed vehicles were traveling and their overall size and weight. However, common injuries inflicted by tailgating accidents include whiplash, spinal cord, seat belt or traumatic brain injuries, broken bones and fractures.

What causes tailgating? 

Numerous factors can contribute to a driver’s behavior. Tailgating can often be the result of aggression or road rage. People frequently become frustrated when traffic is congested, and they have tight deadlines in front of them. However, tailgating can also result from distracted driving, including cell phone use. Tailgating might even be completely accidental. Drivers may also have become overly fatigued or fallen ill behind the wheel. 

Understanding the key facts about tailgating could be in your best interests as an Alabama driver. If you have been injured in an accident, then there may be legal options available to you. 


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