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Amazon has dropped the ball on safety with its fast delivery times

| Apr 23, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Amazon delivery drivers have an increasingly tough job to do. Between Amazon Prime delivery options and an increasing number of consumers using delivery services for basic goods, they can’t catch a break.

That’s more than evident by documented news reports that Amazon drivers are so pressed for time that they can’t even stop for bathroom breaks and meals. They’re also struggling to maintain their safety on the road — and the safety of others.

The pressure to meet deadlines has turned into deadly crashes

ProPublica and BuzzFeed News launched a joint investigation into more than 60 serious wrecks involving Amazon delivery drivers since mid-2015. So far, their reports indicate that many drivers are feeling intensely pressured to make deliveries on time — at any cost.

For the drivers, that often means speeding along winding suburban streets while listening to guidance from a global positioning system or dispatcher. At the same time, they are also trying to spot house numbers and driveways from the road. The faster they go, the less time they have to watch out for other vehicles on the road.  Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycle riders are all at risk, too, if the Amazon driver needs to make a quick turn into a driveway.

Amazon claims that it’s putting consumers first — but their convenient shipping policies may actually be detrimental as a whole both to consumers and their delivery drivers.

Worst of all, perhaps, Amazon has tried to evade liability for these kinds of wrecks by pushing the blame on the delivery companies that subcontract under them.

When you’ve been involved in an accident with a delivery truck

If you’ve been seriously hurt in a wreck with a delivery vehicle or your loved one was killed, don’t try to advocate for yourself. Working with an experienced attorney is usually the best way to get everything you may be due — and the only way to hold the right party or parties accountable.

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