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Fast music and fast cars: How the two are connected

| Mar 25, 2021 | Car Accidents |

There are all sorts of things that can affect how well a driver functions on the road. Everything from the amount of sleep they had the night before and the amount of caffeine in their system to their mood and their familiarity with a given road has been shown to influence driver safety.

Knowing that, it may not surprise you to learn that fast music and fast cars really do go together.

Research indicates that fast music makes for reckless drivers

According to research that came out in 2019, drivers who listen to fast music (defined as anything with a tempo of 120 beats or more per minute) tend to be more erratic drivers than those who listen to other tunes.

For example, drivers who listen to nothing at all or slower music were shown to change lanes approximately 70 times in a 20-minute driving session. When the beat of the music was increased, those same drivers were apt to exceed the speed limit and change lanes an average of 140 times in a drive of the same length.

Music is a huge part of American culture, and a lot of drivers who head out on day trips and vacations carefully select their music for the trip. “Road trip music” is something you’ve probably heard about before.

With this research in mind, you may want to stick with classic rock (Led Zeppelin, for example, seems to be fairly safe music to listen to while you drive, say the researchers) to keep your driving in check and your family safer.

When you’re injured by a speeding driver

You can’t do anything about the other drivers on the road, unfortunately. If a speeding driver’s reckless or negligent behavior leaves you injured, assert your right to fair compensation for your injuries and losses. An experienced Alabama personal injury attorney can show you how.

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