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Why truckers may feel tempted to text and drive

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

Driving a commercial truck is unquestionably harder than driving a standard passenger vehicle. Commercial trucks have huge blind spots. They take longer to accelerate and stop. They make large, awkward turns. All of these factors and more make commercial driving more dangerous than regular driving.

Commercial truck drivers have extra education, more insurance and higher standards to meet than other drivers on the road. Unfortunately, some of them fail to meet those standards, possibly by engaging in dangerous driving habits. When that happens, they may cause a crash, with catastrophic consequences for the people in the smaller vehicle.

Commercial driving can be a very boring job

Many new commercial drivers feel tense and even frightened as they go about their daily work. However, as with any acquired skill, people with commercial driving experience will eventually become confident and even complacent about their ability to safely drive a big commercial truck.

Once the job becomes routine, they may start looking for ways to alleviate their boredom or remain engaged with the world outside of their cab. Commercial drivers may text their friends or family as a way to stay connected or to keep themselves feeling stimulated and awake. The distraction of looking down at their phone could mean the difference between them avoiding a crash and causing one.

Given how dangerous distracted driving is, there are federal rules that prohibit commercial drivers from any manual phone use while driving. Unfortunately, some people will break these rules and possibly put others at risk. Those who get hurt by a commercial driver should consider the idea that distraction may have contributed to the crash and investigate accordingly. An experienced attorney can help you.

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