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Don’t let embarrassment stop you from reporting a fall at a store

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Slip-and-fall accidents have frequently been punchlines in comedic entertainment, which can lead people to feel embarrassed when they suffer a slip-and-fall in a public space. You might worry about people laughing at you instead of the potential for injuries. 

After you fall in a store, your first instinct might be to get up and try to leave the scene of your accident as soon as possible. Unfortunately, your embarrassment in the situation could actually have negative consequences for you. If the store is not aware of your slip-and-fall incident and the potential injuries you suffered, it will be much harder for you to get compensation if you need medical care.

Customers should always report an injury that happens in a business

Businesses that make themselves open to the public have to take care to maintain safe facilities and must also carry insurance to protect against the liability they could incur if someone gets hurt at their business. 

In order for you to seek the potential benefit of available from those insurance policies, there will need to be documentation affirming that you got hurt at the business. Filing a report with the manager or crew leader will ensure that there is a formal record of what happened. 

In many cases, businesses also retain security footage for longer if they know there was an incident that occurred on a specific date. That security footage could help you prove that your fall was the result of inadequate maintenance or improper cleaning technique. In other words, by reporting your slip-and-fall, you increase your chances of connecting with insurance benefits and you protect any evidence that might later validate your premises liability claim, should you need to make one.


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