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Truck accidents: Expect a strong defense from trucking companies

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

When you suffer injuries in an Alabama truck accident, you may choose to file a claim to acquire financial compensation for your injuries. This is not an automatic process, meaning that no guarantee exists that you will win your case.

Even when you believe the evidence shows that a trucking company was at fault, you must still prove how the company’s negligence led to your harm. Further, most trucking companies are prepared to mount a strong defense to protect themselves from legal liability. Three of the ways a trucking company’s legal counsel will try to refute your claim include:

  • It was your fault: One of the most common truck accident defenses involves pinning the blame on you instead of the trucker or the company. An experienced injury lawyer can help you prove that you played no role in the crash.
  • It was a no-fault crash: As we all know, sometimes an accident is just an accident. Trucking companies often use this defense to protect themselves from legal trouble, especially if you have little evidence to prove your claim.
  • It was a third party’s fault: Often, the trucking company’s defense team will attempt to prove that another party, such as another motorist or the manufacturer of a defective truck part, caused the truck accident.

We know that this is the last thing you wanted to learn if you are coping with significant injuries in the wake of a truck accident. However, we also know that you need facts when you are considering an injury claim against a trucking company. We recommend speaking with a professional who can explain how the process works and determine if you have enough evidence to pursue your claim.

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