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Truckers aren’t always to blame for crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

While it is easy to blame a trucker at the scene of a semitruck crash for the wreck, it isn’t always their fault. There are many things that can occur that would mean that someone else is actually liable for the wreck. Remembering this might help you when you’re involved in one of these incidents.

Many rigs are owned by trucking companies. It is up to these companies to care for the rigs. When lax maintenance is used, there isn’t much the trucker can do because they might not be aware of the issue.

There is also the chance that defective equipment will be placed on the truck. If anything that’s defective stops working, the semitruck may crash into another vehicle. An example of this is if a component in the braking system breaks. The trucker might not be able to stop the rig, but that wouldn’t be his fault.

Another issue that might not be the trucker’s fault is when cargo isn’t loaded properly. Some truckers have no-touch hauls, so they don’t do anything with the cargo. In this case, the entity that was responsible for loading the cargo would be held liable if a shifting load or something that wasn’t properly secured leads to a crash.

Trucking companies might also share in the liability of these cases. Sometimes, they schedule tight deadlines that border on unrealistic. This may lead to the trucker using unsafe options to try to make that time. For this reason, and the fact that there might be other parties who can be held liable, anyone who’s seeking compensation after a trucking crash should evaluate the circumstances to determine who should be named as a defendant.

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