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Common trucking safety violations

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

A fully loaded commercial truck is a pretty formidable obstacle on the road. When a semitruck isn’t properly maintained, it can lead to big problems and serious accidents for both the truck driver and others on the road.

Unfortunately, trucking companies often try to push the boundaries when it comes to safety measures and compliance issues. Here are some of the common ways that trucking companies fail to live up to safety standards:

 Broken lighting: A broken taillight or headlight on a truck isn’t just inconvenient. Missing lights (along with missing reflectors and other safety lighting) can make a truck harder to spot in the dark or bad weather.

  • Bad brakes: Truckers generally inspect their rigs before they head out on the road, but there’s often no way to tell if a vehicle’s brakes are properly maintained until they obviously aren’t because they give out.
  • Faulty tires: Truck tires have to withstand a lot of weight and pressure, so they can’t be allowed to get old or worn. Sometimes a truck tire will blow out because the tire itself is faulty — but it’s often the trucking company’s fault for not replacing them sooner.
  • Overworked drivers: Truckers are under a lot of pressure and sometimes a trucking company will “cheat” on a trucker’s hours and push them to drive longer than they’re allowed — even when they’re exhausted.
  • E-log violations: There are systems in place to keep trucking companies honest about how long they’re making their drivers go without a break, but that doesn’t mean every company will comply with them.

If you’ve been injured in a semitruck accident or your loved one was killed, an experienced advocate can protect you from the insurance company and help you assert your legal rights.

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