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Be safe to avoid crashes in construction zones

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2020 | Car Accidents |

There’s no question that there are many hazards on the roads. During the late winter and early spring, you may notice that there is an uptick in the construction teams working on your local highways.

Since summer is boiling hot in Alabama, many teams use this time to get started on roadwork. This can pose a threat to drivers, though, if they aren’t cautious. If you plan to drive around construction work, then these tips are for you.

Be aware of the risk of pedestrians

Workers might enter the roadway to control traffic or to complete a task related to their job. If you are entering a construction zone, always be aware of your surroundings, so you can slow down and avoid hitting a worker.

Stay focused on narrow roads

If you are driving around a construction zone, you may have no shoulder access or limited space in the lane. Pay close attention to what’s happening ahead of you, so you can stay centered in your lane. Slow down if you are concerned about how narrow the area is so that you can maneuver more easily.

Give drivers more space

Finally, give other drivers the space they need to maneuver, stop and slow down without the risk of a collision. For every 10 mph of speed, try to put a car’s length between yourself and the next vehicle. This gives you plenty of time to stop, slow down and adjust your driving to the driver who is ahead of you. This will also help drivers behind you have more time to stop if you need to start slowing down for any reason.

These are three tips to use if you’re going to enter a construction zone. Be safe, and you can help prevent car crashes.

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