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What are best practices when hiring truckers?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

Truck drivers have a huge responsibility in front of them. Not only are they tasked with carrying precious cargo to and from multiple locations, they must also ensure they’re operating their vehicles safely when behind the wheel. That means trucking companies must be extremely careful when hiring truckers, or they risk a serious accident. The Balance explains what trucking companies must look for to ensure safe operation, while also being aware of common red flags. 

The interview process should entail separate components. During the initial interview, have a person familiar with truck driving conduct the interview or at least sit in. It can be difficult for a person lacking the right experience to make a determination on a driver’s prowess behind the wheel. During the second interview, the candidate should be asked to perform basic maneuvers while driving a truck. This can include things like backing up, shifting gears, and dealing with trailers. 

Next, you’ll want to review the trucker’s driving background. This will uncover any problematic occurrences, such as traffic violations, speeding tickets, or accidents. Truckers with an extensive history of violations should be approached cautiously, as they might lack the acumen necessary to safely operate the vehicle. It’s best to get the candidate’s approval before conducting a search to ensure you remain compliant with laws and regulations. 

After the driver has been hired, an evaluation should take place soon after training while the trucker is on the job. Evaluation should be conducted without the driver’s knowledge to gain an accurate assessment of the person’s true skills and abilities. It’s also recommended that trucking companies check in with the driver after about 90 days of being employed, which ensures they remain on the right path. 

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