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How can nursing homes keep seniors engaged?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2019 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Nursing homes must meet a certain standard of care to maintain optimum health and wellness among residents. Along with ensuring people are safe and secure, staff should also take the proper steps to ensure residents are mentally engaged. Activities are key in this case, which is why the best nursing homes are getting innovative when it comes to entertaining residents. U.S. News & World Report explains how nursing homes can choose the best activities for residents. 

Nursing home staff should take the time to get to know residents. This allows them to create personalized activities that entertain many different types of people living within the confines of a nursing home. Because music can have a soothing impact on the elderly, especially those experiencing cognitive issues related to Alzheimer’s or dementia, staff can arrange a listening party where residents can create their own playlists. Brain games are also beneficial to people experiencing memory issues. These activities can range in difficulty to accommodate many different residents. 

While many seniors enjoy playing games, others might prefer to spend their time helping others. There are a number of volunteer opportunities that allow residents to help people in need while also participating in a stimulating activity. For instance, seniors can prepare meals while under the supervision of staff, and these meals can be provided to the less fortunate. Seniors can also find value in creating crafts for others, whether for family or other elderly residents of nursing homes. 

While exercise is most often associated with physical benefits, it can also help stimulate residents mentally. For example, yoga builds strength, boosts mobility, and even reduces stress and anxiety. Seniors residents can also benefit from pool time, which provides a low impact way to stay fit. Even residents great limited in mobility, such as those confined to wheelchairs, can benefit from personalized exercise regimens. 


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