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What should I do after a car accident?

Regardless of the extent of the damage, being involved in a car accident is a scary, confusing experience. That's why you should know how to react before an accident takes place, which helps keep your wits about you when dealing with police and other drivers involved. U.S. News & World Report offers the following advice so you can navigate the aftermath of an accident with relative ease. 

What is phantom limb pain?

Some people experience pain and other sensations in removed limbs after amputation. This phenomenon is referred to as phantom limb pain, which can cause quite a bit of distress for a person recovering from losing a limb. In many cases, phantom pain and sensations occur shortly after the surgery, but pain can be delayed for months in some instances. Fortunately, the healthcare field has greatly expanded its understanding of this condition, which means that patients are treated more effectively.

Despite progress, underground coal mining jobs remain hazardous

Coal mining in Alabama started almost two centuries ago, and the state now ranks among the most productive coal-producing states in the country. Even after all these years, and despite progress in making the industry safer, it continues to be more hazardous than most other industries. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that the rate of severe and fatal injuries in coal mining is almost triple the average rate in private sector occupations.

How can nursing homes keep seniors engaged?

Nursing homes must meet a certain standard of care to maintain optimum health and wellness among residents. Along with ensuring people are safe and secure, staff should also take the proper steps to ensure residents are mentally engaged. Activities are key in this case, which is why the best nursing homes are getting innovative when it comes to entertaining residents. U.S. News & World Report explains how nursing homes can choose the best activities for residents. 

How is driving ability affected by age?

It's no secret that bodies change as people grow older. Some of these changes can even affect a person's ability to drive, which leads to a higher risk of crashes and serious injuries. explains how the natural aging process impacts driving and what older motorists must do to ensure they aren't involved in a serious collision, which could potentially harm themselves as well as others. 

Depression and workplace injuries

Many types of injuries are common in the workplace, such as falls on construction sites, while others are relatively rare. Regardless of the way in which someone is hurt while performing their job duties, however, their life may be shattered in any number of ways. In this post, we will look beyond the physical and financial hardships that are brought on by workplace injuries. Unfortunately, the mental challenges that workers face can be very difficult, and some even develop depression.

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