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Why do I need motorcycle boots while riding?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Most motorcyclists in Alabama know how important the proper helmet is when riding. However, the protective gear doesn’t stop there. You also want to take the right steps to ensure your feet are protected, which is why finding good motorcycle boots is so important. If you’re not sure which boots are right for you, offers the following information on how the right pair can protect you while you ride.

Good boots support your ankles

Most motorcycles are quite heavy, with the average weight hovering around 450 lbs. Good boots with sturdy ankle protection are a must in this case, as you’ll need to support both the bike itself and your individual weight when you’re stopped. Ankle coverage also safeguards you in the event of an accident. Other types of shoes can easily fall off in a crash, which leaves your ankle prone to serious damage. 

They also protect against impact injuries

The risk of an impact injury or laceration on your feet is high when riding a motorcycle. This is because your feet, along with the rest of your body, are exposed. This is in contrast to driving a passenger vehicle, where your body parts are protected inside the vehicle. Sturdy boots designed for riding a motorcycle are often reinforced, which means they hold up better when subjected to impacts. They also protect you against cuts and abrasions. 

Boots even provide traction on pavement

Being able to stabilize yourself on a motorcycle is crucial. This is especially true when you come to a stop and lower your feet to the ground. Shoes with ample traction and thick soles will allow you more control than footwear lacking these features, such as tennis shoes. Consider how hard it would be to gain good traction when the ground is slick from rain? The right boot will prevent issues with keeping your bike stable, while also protecting your feet from common injuries. 

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