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What happens to the brain after experiencing trauma?

On Behalf of | May 30, 2019 | Personal Injury |

The brain is an amazing organ, especially in the way that this part of the body handles significant trauma. Brain trauma is a common type of car accident injury, and the nature of these injuries will differ from person to person. If you suffered any type of TBI in an Alabama car accident, it may be important for you to learn more about these types of injuries.

Every person’s recovery from a brain injury will be different. How the brain reacts to different types of trauma differs from case to case, and it may not be immediately apparent how your TBI will specifically impact your life. You may find that you must contend with health complications that will require different types of support, therapy and medical care throughout your recovery.

How bad is your injury?

It’s not always clear exactly how bad a brain injury is. The severity of a specific type of brain injury depends on how significant the tissue damage is, but it’s not possible to test for this or know the exact amount of damage with certainty. It may be awhile after your injury before it is clear what type of care you need, how you can function on your own and whether your condition will improve.

Motor skill problems are some of the most common issues associated with serious brain injuries. With a moderate to severe TBI, a person can experience various disabilities and motor skill deficiencies that include vision problems, difficulty walking, trouble with speech and much more. These issues can range from severely disabling to moderately difficult.  

What will your recovery look like?

No specific formula can accurately determine what your recovery will look like. It is logical for you to assume that a person with a moderate to severe TBI will have a long, more complicated recovery than a person with a mild concussion. However, every situation is different. Recovering from a severe TBI is a multistage process that can take months or years. During this time, a victim will require extensive care and continued medical support.

Moving forward after a TBI

If you suffered a TBI in a severe accident, it is impossible to predict exactly what you will need to get better and move forward. If your accident was the result of the negligent or reckless actions of another person, it is in your interests to seek legal help as early as possible in the process. A TBI is a complex injury, but you do not have to address your concerns alone.

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