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Never lose sight of the dangers if you work in a coal mine

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Coal Miners |

Does your job require you to risk your life every day? You certainly do if you are one of the many coal mine workers in the Jasper area of Alabama. Coal mining is a risky business that requires strict compliance with prescribed safety standards.

While authorities work hard at enforcing safety rules, the list of risks you will face is endless. Your employer might focus on known mine-related hazards, but you might be wise to learn about some basic safety measures that could keep you out of harm’s way in most circumstances.

Beware of complacency

It is not uncommon for workers in any industry to become complacent after years of working without experiencing adverse incidents. If your occupation takes you underground, it is crucial that you remain aware of the hazardous nature of your job. Never lose sight of the following:

  • Never ignore the known dangers of the industry.
  • Remain alert throughout your shift.
  • Keep an eye out for co-workers.

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and a moment’s carelessness can have devastating consequences.

Never miss out on training

Safety is crucial, and keeping the following in mind is essential:

  • Your safety training can never be enough.
  • Attend all the refresher courses that your employer offers.
  • Note that training sessions that offer both practical and theory elements are most valuable.
  • Do not avoid health and fitness tests and training because the physical demands of your job are high.

Safety training is not only for new workers.

Personal protective equipment

Take note of the following:

  • Personal protective equipment is not optional.
  • A helmet or hardhat can prevent struck-by injuries that could cause head and brain trauma.
  • Safety glasses are essential to protect your eyes from airborne debris.
  • Without ear protection, you could suffer hearing loss.

Add task-specific PPE for specialized jobs when necessary.

Know the applicable safety standards

Although it is the responsibility of your employer to provide a safe work environment, your chances of staying safe will be better if you take charge of your own safety. Make sure to work only with equipment that is serviced regularly, and plan each task before you start the job. Be prepared, and make sure that everybody has access to a written list of procedures to follow in emergencies.

Steps to take if you experience an injury

While these precautions might limit the injury risks, accidents happen, and you might be a victim. The first thing to do after receiving the necessary medical care is to report the injury to your employer. That can set the wheels in motion for a workers’ compensation claim. While you recover, you can utilize the services of an attorney who has experience in navigating benefits claims for mine workers in Alabama.

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