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What type of activities should a nursing home offer?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2019 | Nursing Home Neglect |

If you have a loved one in an Alabama nursing home, you are no doubt concerned with the level of care your family member receives. Along with ensuring that practical needs are sufficiently met, it’s also crucial that a nursing facility offers a variety of appropriate activities. Very Well Health explains how a nursing home can develop activities to best serve its residents.

Residents’ interests should be evaluated

Most nursing facilities perform an initial assessment of incoming residents. This assessment should involve the personal interests of each individual resident, which can help the home develop appropriate activities. Not all residents will be content spending evenings in front of a TV or playing bingo. This initial assessment is just the first step towards determining the needs of all residents.

The family should be consulted

For a deeper dive into a person’s history, their family should be consulted on what type of activities he or she would enjoy. Family is integral in this respect, especially if the person is suffering from symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Creating a “social history” can provide a lot of insight to staff administrators, which is crucial when creating appropriate activities.

Make sure limited residents are accounted for

Some residents may be extremely limited in their abilities. Despite these limitations, they should still be included in activity planning, which must be tweaked to meet their needs. For instance, staff can read to residents or even engage in conversation, which can be very soothing to those lacking strong social networks. Nursing homes can also offer safe and reliable transportation, which will allow residents with limited abilities to spend time outdoors.

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