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How can I avoid deer while driving?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Drivers in Alabama must be vigilant while driving. Along with looking for common road hazards, you also want out for deer, which can cause serious injury and property damage when they’re struck by a vehicle. Geico offers the following tips to drivers to help them avoid deer when on the road.

Be alert at dawn and dusk

Deer tend to be more active during certain times of the day. This includes dawn and dusk, during which you’re more likely to encounter an animal crossing the road. This is especially true from October to January, which is mating season. If you’re driving at dawn or dusk, pay extra attention to the road to prevent coming in contact with a deer.

Remain in the center lane

The center lane is safest should a deer stumble onto your path. For instance, you’re less likely to scare a deer, which cause it to run, when traveling in the center lane. You’ll also have more time to respond if you see a deer on either side of the road, which is imperative for preventing a wreck. When using the center lane, make sure you’re following all traffic laws.

Use your horn

If you do see a deer in the road, use your horn to scare the animal off. You should also refrain from swerving to miss the deer. Doing so could cause a wreck, especially during heavy traffic. You also have no idea which direction the deer will run off in. It could end up back in the path of your vehicle, which means you may still hit it despite your efforts. Drive slowly and calmly to mitigate the risk of injuring yourself or another driver. 

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