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Are fatigued drivers dangerous?

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No one likes feeling tired, but it often seems like an unavoidable aspect of life. Between work, family, school and leisure activity, time for sleep is at a premium. Many people in Alabama walk around in a constant fog, never fully focused on the task at hand because of their exhaustion. This kind of fatigue is not only tiring, it is also dangerous. 

Fatigued drivers are more likely to cause accidents than those who are well rested. This means that, even if you do everything within your ability to drive safely, a sleepy driver could still seriously injure you. 

As dangerous as drunk driving? 

You already know that you should intervene if a drunk friend tries to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, but what about a tired friend? According to the National Safety Council, you should. The NSC says that drowsy driving is just another type of impaired driving, and losing around two hours out of a normal sleep schedule could be equivalent to driving with three beers in your system. 

Your chances of being involved in an accident when fatigued are three times higher than when you are well rested. The NSC also equates drivers who have already been awake for 20 or more hours to those legally intoxicated behind the wheel. 

Why is everybody so tired? 

Our bodies have natural sleep patterns that are incredibly difficult to override, and yet work schedules are increasingly irregular. Over 43 percent of all employees in the United States say that they suffer from sleep deprivation. Those most likely to be sleep-deprived are: 

  • Night-shift workers 
  • Those who work exceptionally long shifts 
  • Workers on rotating or irregular schedules 

Night-shift workers are particularly vulnerable to fatigue, with 62 percent reporting significant sleep loss. These tired workers might just be on the road on their way home as you and many others set off for work in the morning. Aside from the danger they pose on the road, these workers also put a huge drag on the economy through decreased productivity. 

You deserve help for your injuries 

Car accident injuries are often severe, and you may have had to take time off work to fully recover from your injuries. Even if you were able to return to your job soon after your accident, ongoing medical treatment can be time-consuming and costly

If a fatigued driver hit you, a personal injury claim can help you deal with the financial side of your damages. Successful claims usually help Alabama victims handle medical bills, lost wages, and their ongoing pain and suffering. 

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