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Increase in truck accidents is cause for concern

Alabama readers are aware of the vital role that trucks have in the economy. They transport goods and products across the country, yet they can also present a great danger for motorists in smaller vehicles. Due to the large size and heavier weight of these types of vehicles, they can cause significant damage in an accident.

How can amputation affect a person mentally?

Motorcyclists in Alabama face a myriad of risks when on the road. Amputation is just one risk that can have a serious impact on a person’s psyche. Physiopedia explains some of the common psychological reactions to amputation, which can be essential to help you or a loved one cope.

What is a traumatic brain injury?

Many workers throughout Alabama risk their lives on a daily basis. Suffering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is just one possible consequence of a workplace injury, which can have short and long-term consequences. The Mayo Clinic offers the following information on TBI, including common causes and treatments.

How can I help an elderly loved one deal with depression?

If you have a senior loved one in a nursing home, you probably know that the transition can be rough. In some cases, your family member may experience symptoms of depression related to feelings of isolation or lack of independence. Knowing how to identify and address these symptoms is crucial, as explained by WebMD.

Are fatigued drivers dangerous?

No one likes feeling tired, but it often seems like an unavoidable aspect of life. Between work, family, school and leisure activity, time for sleep is at a premium. Many people in Alabama walk around in a constant fog, never fully focused on the task at hand because of their exhaustion. This kind of fatigue is not only tiring, it is also dangerous. 

Will you know what to do if you encounter a wrong-way driver?

Facing a wrong-way driver while driving on a dark Alabama highway is likely one of the worst situations that you could imagine. You might believe that it is one of those things that happen to others and not to you. However, it can happen to anyone, and considering your options now rather than when you panic might be a good idea.

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