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Tips on highway driving over the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Whether going across town or all the way to another state, chances are you’ll be doing quite a bit of highway driving this holiday season. In this case, it’s important for Alabama drivers to be aware of the proper procedures, whether they’ve had ample time behind the wheel or are new to driving. Highway driving can be challenging, which is why it’s up to all motorists to preserve safety.

The AARP urges caution with lane changes and passing when driving on the highway. For instance, always signal before a lane change and look over your shoulder to check your blind spots, as opposed to only looking in your mirror. Also, only use the left lane for passing. Traveling in the passing lane will raise the ire of other drivers and may even result in a fine.

Drivers must also take care with merging. It can be intimidating merging onto a busy highway, and it’s important for motorists to take the proper steps to avoid accidents. Maintain the proper speed during a merge to ensure you safely make it into the other lane. Also, when you see others attempting to merge into your lane, let them do so if there is sufficient space.

Nationwide also recommends tips for people driving on the highway for the first time. Being aware of your surroundings is most important, and this includes scanning the road in front of you as well as checking your rearview mirrors. Keeping focused on the road and minimizing distractions is also important. A second of inattention can have lifetime ramifications on the highway, so phones should be put away and drivers must keep their eyes on the road.

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