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Understanding why truckers might be speeding

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

You can typically tell when a driver is speeding on Jasper’s roads based on how fast you are traveling in your own vehicle. To witness a semi-truck speeding would certainly be quite alarming, and when one strikes your vehicle while doing so, you may justly wonder why. Yet oftentimes, truckers speed not because they do not care about the law, but rather because they feel pressure to complete their routes within a certain amount of time. Many have come to us here at The Sapp Law Firm after having been hit by truckers who made such claims wondering if it is possible to hold those pressuring trucker drivers to drive fast responsible.

Section 392.6 of the Code of Federal Regulations states that motor carriers cannot impose time limits on routes that would require the drivers completing them to do by speeding. The speed limits in the jurisdictions that the routes traverse should be taken into account when creating delivery time expectations. It is understandable that a company would want to keep its clients happy by promising prompt deliveries, yet such promises should never come at the expense of safety.

When trying to determine liability under this statute, you must consider whether the pressures a trucker might be feeling are self-imposed. If they feel the need to speed along their routes to avoid drawing the ire of their employers due to failures in other areas of their performance, then said employers may avoid blame. Yet if the implication is given that late deliveries will result in discipline, it may be hard for a company to argue that it is not pressuring its drivers to drive recklessly.

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