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How can I be a better defensive driver?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Defensive driving behaviors involve remaining alert and aware of your surroundings while also obeying all pertinent traffic rules. These behaviors keep you and other drivers safe, along with preventing accidents from occurring. If you’re unsure what constitutes defensive driving, Business Insider offers the following guidance.

Keep distance between vehicles

Tailgating is a bad habit for a few different reasons. Not only does it increase stress on the road, it can also result in a crash if a driver in front of you brakes suddenly. Accordingly, leaving about three car lengths between yourself and other vehicles can make quite a difference. This is especially important when traveling on the highway, which often means that motorists will be traveling at high speeds.

Don’t speed

Speed limits are put in place to protect all drivers. As a result, driving too fast or too slowly is a major hazard and should be avoided whenever necessary. Going over the posted speed limit will decrease your response times in the event of an unexpected road hazard. Additionally, if you are in a crash while speeding injuries and damage are bound to be even more severe.

Put your phone away

Texting while driving is an extremely dangerous behavior. Not only does it cause you to remove your hands from the wheel it also takes your mind off the task at hand, as well as making you take your eyes off the road. When driving, put your phone on silent and store it in a place where you won’t be tempted to use it (such as in a glove compartment). If you must use it, pull over to a safe area and make a call or text from there.

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