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What are the effects of traumatic brain injury?

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

If you regularly ride a motorcycle in Alabama, you likely know the importance of safe practices. Failure to follow traffic rules and wear the proper protective gear can lead to very serious injuries, including traumatic brain injury (TBI). explains common effects for people who’ve suffered from moderate to severe TBI.

Mood & Behavior

Damage to the brain can actually impact mood and behavior, which is often quite stressful for loved ones of the accident victim. These changes can manifest themselves in all sorts of ways. For instance, a person that was previously cautious with decision-making may begin acting more impulsively. What’s even more troubling is that people experiencing changes due to TBI will often deny that there is any difference at all. This may result from the injury itself or as an emotional response.

Cognitive Effects

Also troubling are the cognitive effects that can sometimes arise after a TBI. Executive functioning is often the first thing impacted, which includes tracking time progressions, planning ahead, adapting to changes, and other complex tasks. Other cognitive issues include problems paying attention or concentrating and problems with memory. Comprehending abstract concepts can also be more difficult, which can impair the ability to learn new tasks and information.

Other Possible Changes

Virtually every other bodily function can be disrupted by TBI depending on the part of the brain harmed. While experienced by a relatively small number of TBI victims, seizures have been known to occur. The ability to speak may also affected, as can one’s ability to move about freely. This can result in mobility issues, and physical or occupational therapy may be required as a result. Fatigue, incontinence issues, blurred vision, problems with balance, and hearing difficulty have all been reported as a result of a TBI.

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