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Remember: Insurance company employees are not your friends

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After involvement in a serious car accident, you may have many topics on your mind. You may wonder how well you will recover from your injuries and how you will pay for medical expenses. You may also wonder what you will do about the repairs needed for your vehicle or having to buy a new vehicle entirely. These concerns are common after such a frightening and potentially life-changing event.

In many cases, insurance coverage can help you pay for repairs and medical expenses, but you may want to think twice before completely relying on an insurance adjuster to give you the best payout. In fact, insurance companies need to make money just like any other business, and often, they attempt to give payouts at the lowest level possible, which may not even cover the damages you suffered after an accident.

Don’t let companies fool you

Insurance company employees want to do their best to settle claims quickly and for as little money as possible. As a result, they may attempt to use various tactics in hopes of getting you to agree to a quick payout or to provide information they could later use against you. In order to keep your best interests at the forefront, you may want to watch out for these possible strategies:

  • Offers of concern: While an insurance adjuster may truly feel sympathetic to your situation, the possibility exists that he or she may try to act overly friendly in hopes that you will feel a sense of trust with the employee. This tactic may lull you into providing more information than you would have in a more professional setting.
  • Requesting unreasonable proof: In order to move forward with a claim, you will need to provide proof of your injuries and other damages. However, some companies may attempt to require unreasonable proof in hopes that you cannot provide it and give them reason to deny your claim.
  • Quick turnaround: You undoubtedly want to receive your payout and get started handling the necessary bills as soon as possible. Before agreeing to a quick settlement, make sure that you do not agree to a low settlement in order to save time.

After going through the traumatizing event of a car accident, you may feel especially vulnerable. Insurance companies know this and may try to take advantage of your state of being. Fortunately, you can work toward avoiding negative outcomes.

Don’t go at it alone

Before even talking to the insurance company, it may work in your best interests to first consult with a personal injury attorney. This type of legal professional can help ensure that insurance companies follow the law when reviewing your claim and help you work toward gaining the amount of compensation you rightly deserve.

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