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How can I protect myself when working around corrosive chemicals?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

For people in Alabama who regularly work with corrosive chemicals, proper protection is of the utmost importance. While your employer is responsible for ensuring a workplace remains safe for its workers, you can also take steps to make certain you and others are not subjected to serious injuries. In this case, Brandeis University offers the following guidance to those who regularly encounter hazardous chemicals.

Handle With Care

First and foremost, proper storage of chemicals can prevent a serious accident from occurring. In this case, be sure to keep chemicals away from heat and open flames, as well as from areas where moisture may accumulate. You should also make sure that containers are closed tightly, and that acids and bases are separated when stored. In terms of where to store chemicals, never keep them above eye level in the event of a spill.

Wear Protective Gear

It’s crucial to protect your skin and eyes from potential exposure. Goggles are essential for protecting the eyes, and you should never assume that prescription lenses offer the appropriate level of protection. Safety glasses are specially designed to withstand exposure to chemicals can also feature shields to the side to protect against splashes. When it comes to skin protection, gloves are a must. Also, proper footwear is equally important, and any shoes that expose areas of the feet should not be worn.

Be Ready For Emergencies

The best defense against an emergency is to be properly prepared. Spill kits and other clean up materials should be readily accessible at all times. Additionally, workers should be trained in how to use these kits to ensure a swift response is possible. Information should also be posted on who to contact in the event of an emergency, including medical personnel, the fire department, and any other emergency responders.

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