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What are the effects of traumatic brain injury?

If you regularly ride a motorcycle in Alabama, you likely know the importance of safe practices. Failure to follow traffic rules and wear the proper protective gear can lead to very serious injuries, including traumatic brain injury (TBI). Brainline.org explains common effects for people who’ve suffered from moderate to severe TBI.

Top 6 signs of nursing home neglect

At the Sapp Law Firm, LLC, in Alabama, we know that placing your parent in a nursing home probably was one of the most difficult decisions you ever had to make. Despite the care with which you selected the nursing home, still you worry that caregivers there may not give him or her the care (s)he needs and to which (s)he is entitled.

What are the helmet laws in Alabama?

Motorcycles are the most vulnerable motor vehicles on the roadway. Mainly, this is due to their size. They can be difficult to see. When you are in an accident on a motorcycle, you face the possibility of much more severe injuries than if you were in a car or truck. You do not have an extra layer of protection from the vehicle that passenger vehicles do. This is why Alabama has created laws to help keep you safe. One of those is the universal helmet law as explained by the Alabama Legislature.

Remember: Insurance company employees are not your friends

After involvement in a serious car accident, you may have many topics on your mind. You may wonder how well you will recover from your injuries and how you will pay for medical expenses. You may also wonder what you will do about the repairs needed for your vehicle or having to buy a new vehicle entirely. These concerns are common after such a frightening and potentially life-changing event.

How can I protect myself when working around corrosive chemicals?

For people in Alabama who regularly work with corrosive chemicals, proper protection is of the utmost importance. While your employer is responsible for ensuring a workplace remains safe for its workers, you can also take steps to make certain you and others are not subjected to serious injuries. In this case, Brandeis University offers the following guidance to those who regularly encounter hazardous chemicals.

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