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Is your elderly loved one a victim of financial exploitation?

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Elderly individuals in Alabama are more susceptible to mistreatment, including financial exploitation. This is because they may be more trusting with people who are caring for them, and therefore, they may be more vulnerable to various types of abuse. Not all types of elder abuse is physical, and sometimes, it includes financial mistreatment and exploitation.

If you suspect that your loved one is experiencing financial abuse or exploitation, you have the right to take action on his or her behalf. With help, you can hold liable parties accountable for the suffering of your loved one and secure appropriate compensation for financial losses. The exploitation of an elderly individual is unacceptable, and you have the right to fight back.

What counts as financial abuse? 

The financial abuse of an elderly individual can take many forms, and often, a victim is unaware that he or she is experiencing financial abuse. In many cases, family members will notice there is something wrong. Signs that your loved one may be a victim of financial exploitation include the following:

  • Unusual activity in his or her bank accounts
  • Confusion over certain financial transactions or explaining the use of money
  • Saying that he or she has new friends or best friends that need support
  • Expressing a desire to suddenly change a will or estate planning documents

While people who have a place of confidence and familiarity with an elderly individual often commit financial abuse, that is not always the case. There are times when telemarketers or other types of con artists use certain forms of coercion and deception to take money.

Elderly individuals who have diminished mental capacities, memory problems or who rely on the care of others may be particularly susceptible to this type of mistreatment. There are laws in place that protect the elderly from financial abuse, and you have the right to explore legal options that may be available as a concerned family member.

Fighting for your loved ones

Your loved one could be susceptible to abuse that is non-physical, yet extremely damaging. The financial exploitation of a loved one could lead to financial troubles down the road, and you would be wise to take quick action to make it stop, hold liable parties accountable and pursue appropriate compensation for elder abuse.

If you believe your loved one is a victim of any type of abuse, you do not have to navigate your concerns alone. You will find it helpful to seek guidance as you pursue a positive outcome on behalf of your elderly family member.

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