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How to avoid becoming involved in a truck accident

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

As you travel along the roads of Alabama, it isn’t uncommon to drive alongside large tractor trailers and other trucks, in addition to cars and motorcycles. While all of these vehicles pose a certain degree of danger to you as you’re driving, tractor trailers are especially hazardous. The sheer size of these vehicles alone can cause extreme damage if they should become involved in a catastrophic accident. Large trucks need a greater distance to stop when driving at high speeds. Furthermore, the blind spots surrounding tractor trailers inhibit truck drivers’ ability to see other vehicles that are driving next to them or behind them. There are some key tips that you should keep in mind when sharing the road with large trucks.

You should attempt to stay out of a trucks’ blind spots, which are especially large on the right-hand side of and behind the truck. If you find yourself driving in these areas, speed up and pass the truck on the left. Remember, if you cannot see the truck driver’s rear-view mirror, he or she cannot see you.

Furthermore, you should never pull out in front of a truck or change lanes directly in front of a trailer. A truck’s inability to stop may cause a serious accident. Trucks also make wide turns, so avoid pulling up alongside the right side of a truck if they are attempting to make a turn. Always give them plenty of room.

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