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3 Possible Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

If you have a loved one in an Alabama nursing home, it’s natural that you want the best care possible. Unfortunately, some nursing homes are negligent in the service they provide, which can harm residents both physically and mentally. Because this is such as serious issue, U.S. News & World Report offers the following signs of potential nursing home abuse or neglect.

Protecting animals left in hot cars

As the temperatures heat up in Alabama, there are likely to be more news stories about dogs being left in hot cars and succumbing to the heat. This is a terrible tragedy. It is also one that many states want to try to prevent through offering freedom from liability to good Samaritans who break into vehicles to rescue pets left to suffer. In Alabama, though, the law is not on the side of the good Samaritan.

Drawing attention to truck driver fatigue

There are a number of reasons behind the prevalence of large truck collisions and many drivers recognize that drug use, distractions and speeding are very dangerous. However, fatigue is another serious problem in the trucking industry and a lot of large truck collisions have happened because a truck driver was too tired. There are a number of ways in which fatigue can interfere with a person's ability to drive a large truck (or any vehicle, for that matter). For example, they may fall asleep while behind the wheel, paying attention to signs or they could have difficulty reacting when there is danger on the road.

Is your elderly loved one a victim of financial exploitation?

Elderly individuals in Alabama are more susceptible to mistreatment, including financial exploitation. This is because they may be more trusting with people who are caring for them, and therefore, they may be more vulnerable to various types of abuse. Not all types of elder abuse is physical, and sometimes, it includes financial mistreatment and exploitation.

Hazards associated with working on or around scaffolding

If you, like many men and women across Alabama, make your living working at a construction site, you probably rely on scaffolds, or temporary, elevated platforms that allow you to work at heights, to perform certain jobs. While quite common, scaffolds are inherently dangerous, both because of their temporary nature and because of the inevitable dangers that come with working at higher elevations. At The Sapp Law Firm, L.L.C., we recognize that catastrophic injuries often result from scaffolding accidents, and we have helped many state residents who suffered injury while working at construction sites pursue recourse.

How to avoid becoming involved in a truck accident

As you travel along the roads of Alabama, it isn’t uncommon to drive alongside large tractor trailers and other trucks, in addition to cars and motorcycles. While all of these vehicles pose a certain degree of danger to you as you’re driving, tractor trailers are especially hazardous. The sheer size of these vehicles alone can cause extreme damage if they should become involved in a catastrophic accident. Large trucks need a greater distance to stop when driving at high speeds. Furthermore, the blind spots surrounding tractor trailers inhibit truck drivers’ ability to see other vehicles that are driving next to them or behind them. There are some key tips that you should keep in mind when sharing the road with large trucks.

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