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Are changes in a loved one signs of neglect?

When you have a loved one in an Alabama nursing home, you may worry about the care he or she is getting. It can be difficult to trust others will take good care of a loved one who may need a lot of attention and help. While most nursing homes are staffed with people who will be good to your loved one and offer him or her the care needed, there are cases when neglect may be an issue. One of the main signs of neglect, according to U.S. News and World Report, is a change in the person's personality or their physical abilities. However, such changes are not always a clear sign of neglect. 

Two Florence women killed in rollover crash

The issue over how far does the responsibility of drivers in Jasper extend in guaranteeing the safety of their passengers is one that is often hotly debated. When children are involved, there may be less room from discussion, as adults typically assume that they are responsible to ensure that kids are buckled in securely. The matter may be much more complicated with dealing with adult passengers. It may go without saying that a driver has a duty to drive responsibly, yet should he or she also be held accountable if the adult passengers in his or her vehicle are not wearing their seat belts? 

Safety and the nation's riskiest jobs

The average American understands what it means to put in a hard day's work. However, not all lines of work present the same levels of risks. Some Alabama workers face considerable safety hazards upon each shift, and others even put their lives on the line when clocking in. What are some of the nation's most dangerous industries, and are they getting safer? 

Spotting drowsy drivers

Many in Jasper may fail to realize how easily their actions can pose a risk to others on the road. Most may understand that any type of distraction (e.g. talking or texting on a cell phone, eating, putting on makeup) elevates the chances of an accident. Yet few may realize that what they do while not behind the wheel (or better yet, what they do not do) can also impair their driving abilities. 

Who is responsible when a truck's load falls?

The semi-trucks and big rigs that you see driving through Walker carry a good number of the products that allow you to enjoy daily living. In your home or on the store shelf, these singular items may pose no threat whatsoever. However, stacked alongside thousands of duplicate and companion items, these can become dangerous (even deadly) projectiles in the event of an accident. Sometimes, they may even be the cause of a truck accident themselves. The question then becomes who is responsible for the security of such a load: the trucker transporting it or the motor carrier contracted to deliver it? 

Learn about the hazards you will face as a coal miner

Coal mining is big business in the United States that became a major industry in many states during the nineteenth century. Today, it affects the lives of thousands of Alabama residents. However, underground mining claims the lives of many mineworkers nationwide each year, and if this is how you earn your living, you are likely aware of the hazards of your job.

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