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Beware of falls

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

Ask a sampling of random people in Walker what careers they consider to be dangerous, and you will likely hear responses such as law enforcement, public safety and construction. Any job in which you work in controlled indoor environment is probably not viewed as being risky. Several of the past clients that have sought our services here at The Sapp Law Firm, LLC have shared this same opinion, only to discover that the most common type of workplace injury can easily strike any member of any profession.

According to The National Floor Safety Institute, the most common cause of workers’ compensation claims in the country is falls. In this context, falls is not limited to falls from heights, but instead refers primarily to simple ground-level falls. Like many, you may have difficulty comprehending how a simple slip and fall can be so damaged. In the case of workplace falls, it often is not the extent of such injuries that makes them so troublesome, but rather the type.

Fractures are the most common result of ground-level falls. Imagine how difficult completing your work can be with a broken arm or wrist if your job involves using a computer or operating machinery, or with a broken leg if you are on your feet for a majority of your work shift. These difficulties contribute to falls being the primary reason why people are forced to take time away from work.

Your employer is responsible for protecting you from falls. That responsibility includes keeping floors clear or spills and tripping hazards, as well as providing specialty equipment (e.g., non-skid footwear) when it is needed. You can learn more about your employer’s liability when it comes to workplace falls by continuing to explore our site.


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