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Understanding hand signals for motorcyclists

All too often, it seems as though it is you versus the rest of the world when riding on your motorcycle in Jasper. As many of those that we here at The Sapp Law Firm, LLC have worked with can attest to, many motorists seem to struggle with the thought of having to share the road the with motorcyclists. Thus, when collisions with motorcyclists do occur, motorists often try to shift the blame to them, saying that they had no way of knowing what the motorcyclists' intentions were. 

What damages are recoverable in a nursing home neglect case?

If your elderly loved one suffered an injury in an Alabama nursing home, (s)he can file a personal injury lawsuit against the facility and/or its personnel. Whether the injury resulted from neglect or abuse, the money damages your loved one recovers compensates him or her for the medical expenses occasioned by the injuries, his or her pain and suffering while recovering from them and the reasonably foreseeable lingering effects they will have on his or her life.

Beware of falls

Ask a sampling of random people in Walker what careers they consider to be dangerous, and you will likely hear responses such as law enforcement, public safety and construction. Any job in which you work in controlled indoor environment is probably not viewed as being risky. Several of the past clients that have sought our services here at The Sapp Law Firm, LLC have shared this same opinion, only to discover that the most common type of workplace injury can easily strike any member of any profession. 

What Should I Know About Distracted Driving?

Whether you’re driving in Alabama or elsewhere in the country, safety is of the utmost importance. That’s why distracted driving is so dangerous. When motorists fail to keep their full attention on the road, disaster can occur in an instant. lists some pertinent facts about the hazards of driving while distracted, which is crucial for all drivers to know.

Sleepy drivers are a significant health threat on Alabama roads

It is normal to drive while a little sleepy. Everyone has likely gotten behind the wheel of a car while tired, but there is a difference between driving while tired and driving while dangerously exhausted. Exhausted Alabama drivers are dangerous drivers, and research indicates that it is actually a significant health threat to every person on the road.

What is respondeat superior?

A collision with a semi-truck in Walker can leave you facing seemingly insurmountable expenses for both your care and recovery as well as the repair of your vehicle. These costs may make it necessary for you to seek compensation beyond auto insurance coverage limits. The question then becomes whether the truck driver that struck you is solely liable, or should the company that employs him or her be held responsible as well? 

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