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Eating while driving: am unappreciated threat

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2018 | Car Accidents |

While you are well aware that every time you travel on Walker’s roads you face the threat of encountering drivers that are either drinking or texting while driving, you likely do not allow that potential to deter you from driving. Neither did many of those that we here at The Sapp Law Firm, L.L.C. have worked with in the past, yet they quickly discovered that there are scores of distracted drivers out there that they were not aware of. While awareness has arisen regarding the dangers drunk drivers or drivers who text pose, little attention has been given to those who participate in an equally distracting activity: eating.

You yourself might not view eating while driving to be dangerous because it seems like such an intuitive action. It is that same mindset that keeps many from appreciating the risks eating while driving presents. Yet consider what people have to do to eat behind the wheel: Divert attention from the road to their food, take a hand off the wheel to hold it, and look away from the road while directing it towards their mouths. The same occurs when drinking a beverage. Each action introduces the three main types of distraction to the situation: visual, manual and cognitive.

Couple that information with the fact that, according to information compiled by Exxon Mobil that shows that 70 percent of drivers admit to eating while driving, and it is easy to see why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that eating while driving increases the likelihood of an accident by 80 percent. Thus, if evidence of food or beverage containers was present in a car that strikes you, you may want to consider whether eating while driving may have been the cause.

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