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Reducing injuries in nursing homes by preventing falls

When families in Alabama decide to place their loved ones in a nursing home facility, this decision is rarely made without a lot of thought and heart-wrenching emotions. Many families stress about finding a facility that can provide the highest quality care, compassionate support and reliable medical treatment. For many, the concern of their loved one being neglected or injured, often looms overhead and can be difficult to ignore. 

Reviewing the Glasgow Coma Scale

The motorcyclist in your life might complain about having to wear a helmet whenever he or she goes for a ride in Jasper, yet the laws that mandate it were created with his or her well-being in mind. We here at The Sapp Law Firm, L.L.C., however, can attest to the fact that while motorcycle helmets can help prevent injury, they offer no guarantee that your loved one will be able to walk away from an accident unscathed. They may not even completely prevent him or her from suffering a head injury. 

Eating while driving: am unappreciated threat

While you are well aware that every time you travel on Walker's roads you face the threat of encountering drivers that are either drinking or texting while driving, you likely do not allow that potential to deter you from driving. Neither did many of those that we here at The Sapp Law Firm, L.L.C. have worked with in the past, yet they quickly discovered that there are scores of distracted drivers out there that they were not aware of. While awareness has arisen regarding the dangers drunk drivers or drivers who text pose, little attention has been given to those who participate in an equally distracting activity: eating. 

Don't let your work as miner lead to an early grave

If you are one of the many coal miners in the Jasper area of Alabama, you are likely the primary source of income for your family. The industry in which you work poses numerous life-threatening hazards, and only proper precautions could prevent financial instability due to injuries. Mining involves long shifts and many hours underground, often in remote locations.

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