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How to spot a drunk driver

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2017 | Car Accidents |

You’re driving down the road on your way to meet some friends at a restaurant for dinner and you notice a car in the next lane veering from side to side. The driver also appears to be hitting the brakes a little too often and at random times that aren’t consistent with the current traffic pattern. Situations like this place you at great risk of a collision.

The problem is while there may be times when you can ensure a safe distance between yourself and a potentially impaired motorist, there may be other times when there’s nothing you can do to avoid an accident. Even if you notice a potentially hazardous situation, there may not be enough time to safely react to avoid a crash. That’s why it’s crucial to know ahead of time what resources are available if you suffer injuries due to a drunk driver’s negligence or recklessness.

Red alert! These are signs of possible impairment.

There is no foolproof way to recognize every drunk driver on the road. However, one or more of the following signs may be apparent if someone behind the wheel has had too much to drink:

  • A vehicle may veer too close to, or even bump, a nearby curb or object, such as a parked car.
  • Speed may not be consistent with other vehicles traveling the same path. A drunk driver may have trouble focusing and adjusting the speed of the car to match those in the vicinity; therefore, if you witness a vehicle going far too fast or far too slow, it’s a sign of possible impairment.
  • Have you ever been traveling at night and witnessed a car with no headlights on? This is a definite sign that the driver may be intoxicated, as drunk drivers often forget to turn on their headlights when leaving a bar or other establishment at night.

There are other signs that you may be sharing the road with a drunk driver, such as cars that tailgate or make erratic lane changes. If you can pull over and notify police of a possible public danger, you may save your own life as well as others in the area. If it’s too late to avoid a collision and you get injured in a crash, it’s crucial to access all resources available to help you achieve as full a recovery as possible.

When you get hit with medical bills and other expenses you aren’t prepared to cover, there’s no reason for you to shoulder all of the responsibility if another person’s negligence caused your injury. This is why Alabama law allows you to file an injury claim to seek compensation for costs such as medical bills and lost wages.

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